Sectional Sofa
Sectional Sofa

Stuck on the sofa design for your living room? Sectional sofas may just be your solution. While it may be unnecessary if you are designing your bachelor pad, sectional sofas don’t just serve the purpose of the added space. They offer many benefits and amplify your living room space to great levels. So first let’s consider the types of popular sectional sofas.

Sectional Sofa Types

There are many sectional sofa designs on the market which each have their pros and cons. For instance, the sectional sofa with a chaise offers you more redesigning area. The L-shaped sofas look great against the corner of a living room, giving it a different look than usual. U-shaped Sofas give a great home-theater look and are simply perfect for watch parties. Pit couch sofas provide the needed space for sleepovers and also offer creative freedom like no other.

How to Choose the Perfect Sectional Sofa

Go over the various styles of sectional sofas and list the ones that please your eyes. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind when buying a sectional:

  • Measure Your Space

Sectional sofas have an ill reputation for their size. This is why there are various kinds you can pick from and choose the one that goes with the outlay and space in your living room.

  • Left or Right or Neither

Stand in your living room and make this decision. Do you want an L-shape sofa that faces left or right? Visualize and then settle on a design. And if you are comfortable with neither, there are other designs you can consider such as the U-shaped sectional sofa.

Like L-shaped sectionals, symmetrical sectionals have two pieces that meet to form a right angle. Unlike L-shaped sectionals, symmetrical sectionals are the same length in either direction. Because of this, they offer a bit more seating space than traditional L-shaped sectionals, while still providing the same multifunctionality that makes sectionals so appealing in the first place.

  • Float the Sections

Sectional sofas don’t always have to mean, everything needs to stay intact against the wall or the corner. Floating the pieces around the center of the living room will increase the room’s appeal and also offer you more walking space.

  • Consider a Rug

A sofa is the living room’s center of attention, so why not present it so. Consider a rug that is larger than your sofa and covers your coffee table as well.

Benefits of Getting a Sectional Sofa

Let’s see the reasons that have made sectional sofas so popular lately:

·       Sit, Lay and Sleep

Sectional sofas are perfect for larger families as they offer ample space. Have more than anticipated guests coming over? Some of you can take to the sofa. Moreover, sofa sets are meant for relaxation, and the optimum size provides the needed comfort.

·       A Way to Save Money

Since sectional sofas end up taking more space you wouldn’t need to overcrowd with other furniture. In fact the lighter you keep, the more elegant it looks.

Your sectional sofa should not occupy the entire length of the wall and there should be at least 18 inches of space on either side of the sectional. This will help with traffic flow and will keep the room from feeling overstuffed.

·   Mix it Up

Sectional sofas are versatile all-rounders. The additional pieces can be moved around to make sofa beds. And if you are bored with how your living room looks, you can always change it with a sectional sofa.

Personalization, boosted appeal, better functionality, sectional sofa sets are popularly favored for a reason. Moreover, why opt for a boring standard sofa when you can mix it up and go grand without an exaggerated price difference?


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