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Some people often get muddled when it comes to the functioning of a virtual private server. You can understand VPS Hosting India as a hybrid form of shared and dedicated hosting. It is designed to provide the best functions of both dedicated and shared servers. Generally, the users seeking customized web business management solutions as well as an excellent experience for their customers opt for VPS hosting. Moreover, the virtual private server also serves as the perfect hosting solution for prime web business competitors and those who want to kick-start their new businesses.

Here we will introduce you to Serverwala’s India VPS Hosting that can accommodate your web business with zero downtime, super fast speed, premium resources at an affordable price. However, let us first provide insights into the working and types of virtual private servers.

Definition and Types of VPS Hosting India

The virtual private servers are formed after the distribution of a physical server into various smaller segments through Hypervisor. The VPS (Virtual Private Server) works as a virtual machine and runs its own independent copy of an operating system, housed in a physical server. The hosting provider sells it as a hosting service where you get the private environment to host your web business. Your VPS function autonomously from other virtual spaces that reside on the same physical machine. You acquire the following privileges with the VPS hosting India –

  • You obtain the required web resources that you do not have to share with other users. These resources operate entirely for your business purpose.
  • In addition,you get the right to configure as well as customize your virtual private server. You can install compatible applications and OS.
  • You get the flexibility to run your VPS in a way that can provide the maximum support to optimize your business website’s performance.
  • Also, you obtain the dedicated IP address for your business website, which further helps to achieve a better SEO ranking.

Furthermore, you can find that there are two popular types of VPS hosting. They are define below as –

Linux VPS Hosting India

In this hosting service, the Linux operating system runs at your VPS core. Linux is an open-source platform that does not need regular boot even when the load is high. It is generally employed with SSH. Moreover, if you need to work with open-source software like PHP/Perl, ROR, Java, Python, SSH, CGI, etc., Linux VPS hosting India is an ideal choice for you. You will be able to manage your Linux virtual private server easily through the command line.

Windows VPS Hosting India

In this hosting service, the Windows operating system runs at your VPS core. Windows is a Microsoft product that provides intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). You acquire a Plesk control panel to control your server operations with utmost ease. Moreover, if you need to work with the applications like ASP Classic, ASP.net, MySQL, C#, VB Development, MS Access, etc., Windows VPS hosting India is an ideal choice for you.

You can have a VPS hosting service with Linux at a lower price than Windows. That is because Linux comes as free to employ and Windows is proprietary software that involves licensing fees. However, you can find both types of services at the cheapest rates with the Serverwala hosting company. Plunge into the following section and know more about the Serverwala cheapest and best VPS hosting India.

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How Serverwala’s India VPS Hosting will help in Faster Business Growth?

Server Wala is highly known for providing top-notch and industry-leading hosting services and is one of the best and secure web hosting companies. It has achieved recognition through various awards for the same. Moreover, the company renders the India VPS hosting plans that are highly flexible and scalable. It aims to support the faster development of its clients’ business. Let us get a glance at the features of the company’s virtual private server hosting.

Key Features of the Best VPS Hosting India by Serverwala

24/7 Technical and customer support

You will always have round-the-clock technical and customer assistance from the Serverwala company. The company delivers support through certified and experienced experts. They are available via various communications channels to render instant and smart solutions to your queries or issues.

Full Root Access

With the company’s VPS hosting India, you will acquire full root access to your server. This will permit you to configure or make modifications to your server without any confinements. You will be able to develop your server as per your web business necessities. 

DDoS Protection

You will acquire superior security features including DDoS and firewall protection with your VPS hosting plan. Your system will have the capability to identify incoming security threats from the web. And, further, it will automatically safeguard your data from them.

99.99% Uptime Network

With Serverwala’s VPS hosting India, you will gain the assurance of a 99.99% uptime network. The company supplies continuous, high connectivity with the secured network flexibility.

Final Words

As you have learned, the VPS is capable of bridging the gap between shared and dedicated hosting solutions. While sharing the same physical server with thousands of users, you can have a dedicated hosting environment for your web business. This enables you to save your cost from investing in an entire hosting server. In case your mind is engaged in some doubts regarding the hosting service, connect to Serverwala’s custom support right away. Or, visit the company’s official website to grab the details about its VPS hosting India – https://www.serverwala.com/vps-india.


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