Suggestions for iPhone Repair in Vancouver for Dead iPhones

iPhones may become completely dead, and no iPhone user likes it. iPhones are the best smartphones we can purchase today. Still, Apple has not made its smartphones with perfection. For the same reason, iPhones can encounter problems owing to mishandling or because of accidents. Nevertheless, dead phones do not mean you cannot revive them. You have a chance to recover dead iPhones without availing of an iPhone repair in Vancouver. Usually, dead batteries or software issues are the reasons that lead iPhones not to function. Here are our suggestions to revive a dead phone:

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1. Replace the Battery

If an iPhone is dead, chances are very likely its battery is dead. Moreover, using an iPhone cautiously can help you stop its battery to drain fast. Still, iPhone addicts do not care and use their iPhones without following precautions. Consequently, they face the problem of a dead iPhone, usually because of an entirely drained battery. Nevertheless, iPhone batteries are replaceable, but you should consult a professional iPhone repair service for battery replacement. Doing battery replacement on your own is dangerous. Hence, consulting iPhone repair professionals is the best solution for iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver.

2. Charge Your Phone

You may have dropped your iPhone on the ground accidentally. Although, you would have picked it up and noticed nothing. But when you tried to turn it on, it won’t. In that case, it is very likely; your iPhone has suffered internal damage. Hence, consulting phone repair professionals in Vancouver can aid you in restoring your iPhone to start functioning again. Before you avail of an iPhone repair service, you may charge your iPhone with a charging cable. If the phone does not charge, you can use another charging cable to charge it. If the iPhone charges, it means your iPhone is not dead. If it does not charge, it means it has encountered physical damage. Possibly, your iPhone’s charging port has been damaged, in this case.

3. Force Restart Your iPhone

A force restart is an easy thing to do. Additionally, it can help you to restore your iPhone to start working again. Different iPhones have different ways to do a force restart. For instance, you can force restart an iPhone 7 if you press and hold Power and Volume Down button for 10 seconds.

4. Revive Your iPhone in a Recovery Mode

You can make use of an iPhone recovery mode to restart it. It can work if your iPhone is completely dead. Launch an iTunes updated version on your system and connect one end of the lighting cables to your system. Next, put your iPhone in the recovery mode; for iPhone 7, press and hold your Volume-Down button for a few seconds. Then, connect your iPhone to the lightning cable while holding the button. Then, release the button if you see the iTunes symbol on the iPhone screen. Afterward, you can allow iTunes to reset your device completely. It may aid you to start your iPhone so that you can use it.

Remember that using recovery mode to revive dead iPhones will delete your iPhone user data. It is better to consult a repair shop with a reputation for iPhone repair in Vancouver to restore dead iPhones.

Consulting an iPhone Repair Service:-

The most reliable way to restore a dead iPhone is that you consult an iPhone repair service. You can do a few things yourself based on the above suggestions to revive your dead iPhone. However, if you deal with the battery replacement yourself, and you are inexpert; you will risk your iPhone. Phone repair and replacements are not DIY (Do It Yourself) jobs. For this reason, you see iPhone repair shops around you in Vancouver. However, finding an authentic iPhone repair shop is important to bring your dead iPhone to life. Here are several things to remember in Vancouver to choose an authentic iPhone repair shop:

· It will ensure your data privacy and ensure your iPhone data remains safe with the repair.

· It will only do iPhone repairs with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

· It can restore your iPhone faster so that you do not have to wait for a few days.

· It will charge you an affordable price to revive your dead iPhone.


At times, iPhones can become dead completely. Usually, software and battery issues are the main reason for it. Nevertheless, you can do the following to revive a dead iPhone:

1. You should replace your iPhone battery, and it is better to avail of an iPhone repair service for it.

2. You can try to charge your iPhone first if it does not start.

3. A force restart is an easy thing to do and usually works.

4. You can restore your iPhone to start functioning again if you put it in recovery mode. But, this method of restoring dead iPhones can delete your iPhone user data.

5. Last but not least, you can consult a repair shop with a reputation for iPhone repair in Vancouver.

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