Supporting COVID 19 Emergency relief services this pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic is one of the worst crises that has rocked the world in the 21st century. It’s impact on human life is still being felt and though the surge in cases during the second wave was bad, it is anticipated that the situation is likely to worsen as the third wave hits the country. The first wave spared a large part of the population, but the second wave impacted vulnerable communities very badly. The fear of getting infected and anxiety that someone from our family will succumb to the virus and lose their lives is prevalent among all of us. At such a time, we must show solidarity with all the people in the fight against COVID 19. This is the time to reach out support those who are less fortunate than us and donate generously to COVID 19 Emergency relief services.

While the government is doing its best to support the citizens, they are unable to reach out to everyone as the disease has peaked and infiltrated the remotest corners of the country. many vulnerable groups of children, senior citizens and individuals who lost their jobs during the lockdown have come in the grip of the disease. Donations made towards the COVID 19 Emergency relief services online help alleviate the troubles of these vulnerable groups in great measure financially as it pays for medicines, nutritious diet, and hospital expenses where they cannot afford it.

Who needs aid?

NGOs, especially local NGOs have the capacity to reach the individuals who require aid directly and offer them support. They have the potential to verify and identify genuine cause and whet the applications to ensure that real persons in need receive the funds and use the amount to pay for their medical expenses. In the current scenario real aid is needed largely in India’s rural areas. However, there are many of the urban poor who need support as they are far from homes and live in debilitating circumstances in slums; which suffer from poor hygiene.

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What do COVID 19 Emergency relief services pay for?

People need medicines and funds to pay hospital bills. The government is giving free treatment. But the case load is so high that not everyone is able to get medical aid for free. Furthermore, not all villages have a hospital close-by. Some villages have their nearest hospital about 70 to 80 kms away. There is need to set up medical camps near such villages where there will be difficulty in arranging transportation. Funds are remit directly to the patients or their next of kin responsible for their treatment. Many NGOs set up COVID 19 Emergency relief services online where donors can choose the recipient and fund their treatment. Donors can read a brief background of the patient and find out about their background. And severity of the viral infection before paying for their treatment.

The role of NGOs

NGOs step in and reach out where governments cannot. They are procuring oxygen tanks, making transportation arrangements to hospitals, procuring essential medication, and supplying them to the patients, making arrangements for advanced blood tests, CT scans among other things. Donor funding is completely allocate in ensuring that the patients receive complete care from testing to recovery. Many doctors are working tirelessly, independently to ensure that they can reach the patients who cannot get immediate aid. Also, they are setting up camps near the smaller towns that do not have proper hospital facilities or medical amenities. Thus, patients visiting these medical camps and aids require financial support too. donations for COVID 19 Emergency relief services can be made in cash and kind. You can provide oxygen tanks, gloves, masks and PPE kits and food packages.

The real heroes in the fight against COVID are medical professionals. Doctors who are working on the field, who are formulating policies and studying the disease to find cure. Now is the time to realise their importance and donate for MBBS students. Promote medical education by funding the education of someone exceptionally talented by needs help to access medical education. Donate for MBBS students near me, to people you feel will contribute to the profession and aid their patients.


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