The real future of Solar panel in Pakistan

Whenever we talk about the under developing countries means need so many things for the development in many sectors. But especially for the power sector, Pakistan also on the list of underdeveloped countries. Where power shortage and load shedding also a big issue in all most all cities of Pakistan! So, from the many years so far no good development made in the power sector. But in the current era, government and private sector are positive to add on some new sources in the power sector with the help of green energy. These include thermal, solar, bio, coal, wind, and turbine energies. So, here we can say it’s the beginning of power sector development in Pakistan. Further, if we talk about the Solar panel Pakistan need to consider below points.

1.     Adopting culture

As Pakistan is under high pressure from the industries, household, and private sector who are bearing many issues due to load shading. Industries are facing huge issues in order completion and proper production due to which they are losing market internationally. Whereas, in the household many other factors like washing, water supply, education, and other relative things disturbance are on the peak. Whereas private sector offices and factories also facing big issues in running a normal business because of no proper power supply to them. So, here we can say almost overall Pakistan willing to adapt this new revolution because the existing power setup is completely failed to supply the required power. So, Solar panel Pakistan has a very bright future in coming days.

2.     Government policies

At the government level in Pakistan so far no seriousness in all cities, due to bad political setup and no worry about the country and its related issues, the only government spoke persons and the oppositions are playing with the people of Pakistan with wrong and fake commitments, even the government know that this technology can give big turn to Pakistan economy but they have not a big interest in it because they are not parliament to serve people of Pakistan, actually, they are in parliament for only private benefits and self-growths, if government willing to do this it is the matter of few months to overcome power issue with the help of solar technology in Pakistan because China already our friend and has very mature technology which can boost Solar panel Pakistan usage but the question ends with if they are willing to do that.

3.     Private sector

Whereas the private sector is a concern in the contribution of the solar energy technology in Pakistan, some private sector is against it because they have interest in the existing setup of power and its monopoly, at another hand the new private sector who are also very annoyed with the existing power system have taken forward step to bring out Pakistan from the darkness of bad monopoly by few private companies, the new private sector has already begun different sectors power souring and start private generation as well but long coverage and big shift will take time for the private sector to cover household as well with minimum charges.

4.     Issues in import

Another matter in Pakistan is the buying power and wrong government policies over the imports, as all the world is well aware Pakistan is an under-developing country in which many technologies and many sectors need to upgrade for which need to adopt existing technology from the world to get familiar immediately without working on the technology no one can move further, but that things Pakistan import policies makers don’t know and they are putting heavy duties on the import of solar panel Pakistan, even they know that this is the basic requirement for Pakistan and government has failed to overcome on power issue but due to bad policies they are imposing a burden on importers and consumer and become a huge wall In front of Pakistan growth towards power energy.

5.     Quality issues

Due to high import taxes on the Solar panel in Pakistan, so many importers also find the second way which is ultimately not good for the long run they are importing b, c, or even d level of material technology which is even dangerous and also fund waster for the consumer, but what they also do if the good quality will import it will not be under buying range for the people of Pakistan, so the quality issue is compromised due to heavy taxation and low buying power of Pakistan market, whereas government needs to take some serious step otherwise compromise over the quality only make fool to Pakistan economy no long-run benefit can avail on the country basis.

6.     Location issues

Whereas the location is a concern is this another big issue for solar panel installations, because this technology needs a big area to install where sunlight time is maximum, but due to bad politics and grouping no one thinking about the nation only personal beneficial moves are playing in the system, here in Pakistan still no any appropriate location has been finalized by any concern to deploy solar panel Pakistan to get free energy in long run, here we say this is kind of bad trap for the people of Pakistan which can be a break with only some good governance.

7.     Lack of technical expertise

As the technological shift is slow in the Pakistan market regarding solar panels Pakistan. So training of manpower also too slow. If the demand will fulfill by the market so usage of the product will increase. This leads to more training for technicians to reset the system in a proper way! But right now as no so a big market, many few people know about the solar setup. This is also a fear for the new buyer as technical backup support is not proper now.

8.     High-cost issue

Currently, solar panel Pakistan cost is too high and the quality also not good. So, it’s not for use of the general public only the elite class.

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Here we say that for Solar panel Pakistan government have to take some serious action otherwise country will remain in the darkness and can’t be on growth track without it.


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