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Standing beside glistening azure waters is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Recent studies have discovered that people who live near water have superior physical and mental wellbeing. We have been drawn to rivers, lakes, seas, and other bodies of water since the dawn of civilization, and lakes, in particular, may provide the pristine beauty and spectacular views we seek. Many have become prominent wellness retreat locations and world-class luxury resorts.

With its smooth, motionless surface and rainbow of hues, a gorgeous lake may display some of water’s most captivating properties. Some of these amazing natural and man-made beauties, which can be found all over the world, from Bolivia to Siberia and Malawi to Pakistan, may make you forget about beaches entirely.

To visit these marvels in person would be an incredible experiencing but in the current scenario, virtual travel is a more feasible option. However, social distancing won’t be the norm for long and once the world opens again, travellers will be able to experience these picture-perfect water bodies for themselves.

Seeing a lake’s surroundings reflected in its waters, whether it’s surrounded by towering mountain ranges, dense woods, or barren and barren deserts, is always magical. When you consider the fascinating hues, shimmering surfaces, and brilliant blue sky above, it’s not surprising to see why the world’s most beautiful lakes are so sought after.

That being said, let’s take a look at a few of the world’s most beautiful lakes.

1.    Laguna Verde, Bolivia

Due to its extraordinarily high saline content, this beautiful lake is devoid of life. Laguna Verde’s electric waters seem even more magnificent against such a vast setting since it is always surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes.

2.    Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea, another stunning salt lake, is one of the most well-known bodies of water in the world, bringing millions of visitors each year to the lowest point on the planet. The location has public beaches where visitors may easily float along the coastline. For visitors looking to make the most of their vacation, it has recently become a premium destination for boutique and spa hotels.

3.    Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

This interior lake is New Zealand’s third-biggest and is easily accessible from Queenstown. For visitors and residents alike, it’s a favourite swimming and trout-fishing spot. Because of its unusual form, Lake Wakatipu has a tide, which the Maori believe is caused by the heartbeat of a monster named Matau, who they think is asleep at the bottom.

4.    Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is just unrivalled in terms of beauty. This wonderful Northern Italian resort is surrounded by stunning mountain vistas, a lovely town with Renaissance architecture, and a beautiful body of water. Lake Como, located at the foot of the Italian Alps, is one of the continent’s deepest lakes, with the nicest beaches in the central and northern portions.

5.    Lake Pehoé, Chile

This crystal-clear lake, located in Chile’s Patagonia area, offers an abundance of wildlife sightings as well as stunning views of the Cuernos del Paine Mountains, which are among the world’s most magnificent mountains. Around Torres del Paine National Park, sailing, sport fishing, and hiking are popular activities.

6.    Lake Bled, Slovenia

The swoon-worthy Julian Alps surround Lake Bled, which features a Medieval castle and picture-perfect church on a central islet. Fairies, according to Eastern European folklore, created the lake, and the church bell of the island’s church granted visitors’ desires.

7.    Hutt Lagoon, Australia

This awe-inspiring marine salt lake may be located near the Indian Ocean in Western Australia. Depending on the day and season, Hutt Lagoon’s hue can range from a brilliant, bubble-gum pink to a calm violet and even a blazing crimson. Mid-morning or sunset are the finest times to see the lake in all its grandeur.

These lakes paint a stunning picture and are definitely worth a visit – if not in-person, then at least via virtual travel tours. Travelling virtually will not only help you see the surroundings of the lake but also give you an immersive travel experience so that you can make an informed decision in case you decide to visit one of these locations the next time you travel. It really is a win-win!


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