TikTok Moderator Sues Over Mental Trauma Caused by Graphic Videos

A former TikTok moderator is suing the social media platform, ByteDance, for exposing her to graphic videos while at work. The video content contains violent scenes, child pornography, beheadings, and animal mutilation. As a result, the TikTok moderators have to watch hundreds of videos during a 12-hour shift, with only fifteen minutes off between each video.

As a moderator for TikTok, Candie Frazier has experienced numerous nightmares involving violent acts. She cannot go anywhere crowded because she is afraid of a mass shooting. She suffers from panic attacks and can’t be near children, due to her extreme anxiety. The traumatic experiences she’s endured have also impacted her personal life. She is now afraid to have children.

The plaintiff has trouble sleeping because she constantly fears a mass shooting. She also suffers from horrific nightmares. The attorney for the TikTok content screeners is asking for compensation for psychological injuries and to require the company to set up a medical fund for the moderators to help her recover. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It hasn’t responded to requests for comment.

The suit alleges that the TikTok moderator suffered mental trauma after viewing a graphic video. The video depicts a suicide, a fatal fall, and a cannibalistic ritual. As a result, the plaintiff has trouble sleeping and has horrifying nightmares when she tries to sleep. The plaintiff’s parents and family have been forced to abandon her because of her fear of a mass shooting.

The former TikTok moderator has trouble sleeping and has had nightmares related to a mass shooting. The videos made her fear of mass shootings so severe she cannot go to public places. She suffers from panic attacks and has lost friends because of her anxiety. She is also afraid to have children because she is frightened to watch them. If you have ever experienced these symptoms, you know how difficult it can be.

In addition to suffering from nightmares, the former TikTok moderator also has trouble sleeping. She experiences frequent panic attacks and is unable to go to public places. She is afraid to be around children and can’t have them. Her mental state is so severe that she is unable to work at her current job. She is even frightened of being around her children.

The TikTok moderator has suffered from numerous sleep problems and has suffered from horrific nightmares. She can’t go to public places because of her fear of being shot by a mass shooter. Her anxiety is so severe that she cannot work around children. Fraser is frightened to have children and has been in pain since she first saw these videos.

A TikTok moderator has filed a lawsuit against the social media company byteDance. The former moderator says she suffers from panic attacks and can’t sleep because of her traumatic experiences. Besides, she’s also unable to work around children and has a difficult time interacting with people. Moreover, she has suffered from severe depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

The former TikTok moderator says she cannot sleep because of the terrifying nightmares she has. The videos have also caused her to experience panic attacks. The former moderator is now unable to work around children and is unable to sleep. The video has left her with terrible nightmares and has prevented her from having children. However, she is still suffering from these problems and is fighting to get compensation from the social media company.

In her lawsuit, the TikTok moderator claims that she has suffered severe mental trauma due to the graphic videos she has screened. She has nightmares and has trouble sleeping after a 12-hour shift. She also claims that she has difficulty concentrating and has nightmares. She says that her work conditions are extremely demanding, as she is required to work twelve hours a day. She is given only one hour of lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks during a twelve-hour shift.


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