An aerial view above beautiful Fall foliage on Monument Avenue and the skyline of Richmond Virginia in the distance.

Are you looking for an affordable yet exciting way to spend some days in Virginia? Well, you can rely on Richmond! The city is famous for internationally recognized craft beer, several notable American history sites, an award-winning culinary scene, and has become a must-see destination for those adventure-loving travelers. If you are thinking of a weekend getaway with your kids and wife, Richmond would be a much better city to look upon!

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Make a packing list

  • Make a list of the items you need to take while onboard a journey to the city. It will prevent you to forget some crucial items to take.
  • Make sure to make note of what type of clothing and shoes you will need on the trip.
  • Add some identification and documents necessary during travel.

Stick to your list and you will have no issues!

Pack in-season Clothes and Shoes

Pack those clothes and shoes appropriate for the season and destination.

  • For summers, you should have light-colored tees, shirts, sandals (or slippers maybe), pants, etc.
  • For winters, make sure to pack some layered jackets, winter hats, gloves, etc.
  • If traveling in the rainy season, pack rain boots, an umbrella, and some light clothes.

Best Time to visit Richmond

Though Richmond is an evergreen city to visit any time of the year, it is believed that Richmond is full on its vibes during springs. So make your trip plan between March to May. The temperatures are usually mild and bearable, and you won’t have to deal with the summer humidity. Fall is also an equally great option to enjoy beautiful weather which makes it easy and comfortable to explore.

Getting around Richmond

You can explore Richmond by bike, on foot, and via the GRTC Pulse. You can also hire a bike through RVA’s biking sharing program and cruise around the city. If you are wishing to take a close-up tour of the architectural marvels of the city, then a walking tour would be the best option for you. Are you ready then? Take suggestions from your closed ones and plan a tour of downtown Richmond!

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Things to see

Richmond has a range of activities to see and do, from a colorful arts scene with more than 100 murals to, grabbing an awesome sip on the mega craft brewery. The city also boasts some impressive American Revolution sites like St. John’s Church and an extensive chronicle of Civil War memorabilia preserved in the American Civil War Museum. Make a list of places you want to visit with family and enjoy an entire day for sweet moments on the trip.

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