Tips for Winning Your Competitors Clients on LinkedIn

Like gold prospecting, LinkedIn requires time and effort and knowing where to look to get prospects.

Here are the top ways that you can leverage to get new customers from your competition.

Focus On The Prospect

From your initial connection request to the pitching, always focus on the prospect. Don’t concentrate on your company or your services but focus on your prospect’s needs or problems and how you can solve their problems.

Conduct Thorough Research Before Pitching 

Never assume that you already know the customer but analyze their profile to understand their problem. After analyzing their situation, outline how your product or service can offer a solution that meets their needs. You must demonstrate to the prospect why your solution is superior to the existing solutions in the market.

Don’t Put Dirt On Your Competitors

You can compete with your competitors without being malicious or bad-mouthing your competitors. Remember, the prospect trusts the competitor more than you, and talking badly about the competitor only creates mistrust.

Talk about your value proposition and how you can offer a different experience from what the competitor is currently offering. Convene the prospect that they will get more value for their money by choosing you and have a more convenient service or product.

Don’t Push For A Meeting With The Prospect

Selling is a process, and your focus is to sell another opportunity to sell. Pushing for a meeting makes you pushy and obnoxious, and this is a turnoff to prospects. Instead, focus on building a relationship with prospects and always striving to get another opportunity to interact.

Analyze Your Best Client Activity On LinkedIn To Find Their Network

Being a social network, LinkedIn users use the platform to interact, learn, share challenges, ask questions, and share information with their peers. For example, if your buyer persona is CEO, most likely, these CEOs interact with fellow CEOs on LinkedIn.

By analyzing their activity, you can identify their network and focus on connecting with their network. Top strategies to analyze prospects activity include:

1) Watch Who Is Commenting On Their Status. 

“Birds of a feather flock together”, which is a simple rule of life that holds for LinkedIn. Like most social networking events, LinkedIn users are likely to network with people with common interests, hobbies, challenges, or visions. Thus, if you follow a CEO, they are most likely to interact with fellow CEOs, allowing you to generate leads.

2) Read The Endorsement And Recommendations. 

Like in life, most people will endorse or recommend another if they know and trust them and their abilities. By reading through your network’s endorsements, you will discover the people they have worked with, done business with, or shared a client. In most cases, such endorsements will come from a person who meets your buyer persona, allowing you to connect and pitch to such prospects.

2) Alumni Search Is Another Avenue To Leverage Your Client’s Network To Identify Prospects

Most skills require a similar institution. For instance, all lawyers must take bar exams administered by the state bar association of a similar state. By searching for individuals who sat the bar exam at a specific State, you can connect with all the lawyers in that state.

Group Search

Group search is another excellent source of prospects on LinkedIn.

People in one group have something in common and share similar interests and buyer personals. For instance, all entrepreneurs in finance startups might be members of a finance tech group. 

Identify groups your prospect is a member of, and connect with the individuals on the group who meet your buyer persona.

Similarly, you can also create a group and invite prospects to meet your buyer persona. Keep the group active and engaging on LinkedIn and most people will join to interact with people who share similar interests.

Bottom Line Your success on LinkedIn marketing starts with getting the right prospects. Like most marketing techniques, success occurs when the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time. Thus, follow these steps to connect with the right prospects and move your LinkedIn campaign one step closer to success.


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