Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing is also known as influence marketing. It is one of the forms of social media marketing which involving the product placement and endorsement from the influencers, organizations, and peoples who have the social influence in their field. This is known as influencer marketing.

What are the steps involved in the creating of an influencer marketing platform?

The steps to build the influencer marketing platform in india are given by,

  • Agree on the project scope: As the first step, you need to enlist the project manager, IT architect, and business analyst. You also offer the IOS app, android app, and web app.
  • Identify the right methodology: You must choose the right methodology for your solutions.
  • Deliberate on the development approach: Use the managed cloud service platforms and application programming interfaces. 
  • Induct the rest of the team: UI designers, web, android, and IOS developers, testers, and DevOps engineers.
  • Find the right managed cloud service platform
  • Sign up for the influencer marketing API solutions. The advantages are access the influencer data, create useful dashboards for your application, and find new influencers.
  • Find a payment gateway API solution: The proposed influencer marketing solution must need payment gateway integration.
  • Get a bulk SMS solution for the push notifications feature. 
  • Procure the test automation aid
  • Find the suitable PM tool for your requirement
  • UI design 
  • Coding, testing, and deploying your web application
  • Developing the android application
  • Finally coding, testing, and publishing your IOS application.

What is meant by a micro influencer?

It is one of the new concepts in the marketing campaigns. It is recently joined in the social media. This is similar to the influencer marketing concept but it is on small scale. The purpose of this influencer is to promote the brands on the social media with the help of the visual posts instead of the advertisement of the sponsors. It is known as a micro influencer.

What are the steps to launch the successful micro influencer platform in India?

There are five steps to plan, manage and execute to launch the successful micro influencer indiaThey are given by,

Step 1: First you can set the goals which will include the brand awareness, gain more customers, enhance the engagements, drives the sale, find the link and trust of the customer as well as consumer loyalty.

Step 2: you can determine your budget. It will include the recognition on the social media, free trials, limited product sales, exclusive events, gift cards, and discounts.

Step 3: You must find the right influencer’s platform for your business. You can look at three things from the good influencer. They are engagement rates, authenticity, and relevance.

Step 4: You can create the engaging content. You can create the two types of content. They are brand-generated content and influencer-created content.

Step 5: Finally you can measure the result.

The micro-influencer is one of the best combinations for the relevant engagement and reaches of the product to the customer. Improve your brand awareness with the help of the influencer marketing platform and micro-influencer!!


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