Top Benefits Of Oyesters For Health And Hair

Many of you must have already tried Oysters and would love to have it again and again. These delicious mollusks provide your body with several unique minerals and nutrients and can lead to some amazing health benefits. They can help with weight loss, increase tissue growth and repair, boost your metabolic activity, reduce the blood pressure and lower down your cholesterol levels among delivering a plethora of other benefits to your health and hair.

Here we have listed a few top benefits of having oysters. And you must go through them to have some motivation to consume this healthy food in your diet routine.

  1. Weight Loss

Yes, Oysters are consider among the top foods that come packed with nutrients and have lowest calories against their serving volume. So, if you consume oysters for weight loss. You will be actually packing up your body with healthy nutrients that it needs the most. While making sure that you do not put on too much of weight. In comparison to an equal chicken serving, oysters carry almost half calories. However, despite them being far superior, they have high sodium content as well. So, if you are already obese then consuming oysters might exacerbate the issue.

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  • Avoid Hair Loss

Zinc deficiency is often link to causing hair loss as well as poor scalp health. And oysters are full of zinc specially for kids as their skin growing gradually. So, if you are experiencing hair loss or have a poor scalp, consuming oysters can help you with the situation. You can expect to have a full head of hair to your baby once again and after you can choose your favorite baby hair brush to come up with just about any style. Remember, however, that not all the oysters will have the same effect and you should better avoid those caught in Gulf of Mexico as they tend to have unusually high Cadmium levels. So, you must choose wisely.

  • Keep Your Heart Healthy

Oysters have a positive impact on your overall heart health. Primarily, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and their level is considerably higher than omega-6 fatty acids contain in them which helps with the cholesterol. The Omega-3s are actually the good cholesterol and can help keep your heart healthy. They’re capable of reducing bad cholesterol content in bloodstream while inhibiting it from sticking to blood vessels as well as artery walls. It reduces the possibility of plaque accumulation to minimum and quite a few health complications are completely avoided, including the cardiovascular issues. In addition, they have high magnesium and potassium content as well which helps in lowering down the blood pressure while relaxing blood vessels at the same time. As a result, oxygenation and circulation of blood is increased and strain on our cardiovascular system is reduced.

  • Promotes Quick Healing

Oysters have unprecedented zinc levels, as mentioned above. And this leads to quite a few health benefits including quick recovery and healing rates of wounds. The immune system gets an overall boost as well and helps resist different microbes and infections as well.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

Besides all the good things described above. Oysters also make for a great iron source and make for around 90% of the daily iron requirements we have only in a single serving. Iron plays a vital role in forming red blood cells and serves as our main defense against health conditions like anemia which is associated with cognitive malfunction, fatigue, general muscle weakness and stomach disorders. Furthermore, as our circulatory system gets fresh and healthy blood cells. There is greater supply of oxygenated blood to the organ systems for stimulating their activity levels. It makes all the organ systems function efficiently and also boosts overall metabolism of our body.

Probably, these top 5 benefits of Oysters would be good enough to convince you start consuming this great natural food. There are a lot of other benefits as well that you can find out with more in depth research. So, make up your mind and start consuming Oysters right away.


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