The Top Hair Removal Techniques
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While all hair is natural, that does not mean it is always wanted. For those that prefer the look for no hair, extracting it can be a difficult, stressful process. The good news, however, is that there are many great options out there for you.

For best results, you always need to explore. Though we have ranked the top hair removal techniques of today, not everyone one will work for your specific hair and skin type. That is why you need to explore your options to find the best hair removal or management technique for your body.

Laser Hair Removal

If you have the right skin tone and hair color, then laser hair removal can be the perfect solution for all your hair woes. The only issue is that it works best for those with lighter skin and darker hair. The reason why it won’t work for those with light skin and light hair is that there is a lack of melanin in the hair for the light to target. Similarly, for those with darker skin, there is the risk that the laser light will target your skin rather than your hair.

Though it isn’t the best solution for everyone, for those with obviously contrasted hair, it can be the ultimate solution, as it works to lighten and stop hair growth outright.


Sugaring is a natural waxing method that uses a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water to form a paste that then adheres to the hair and holds tight during the extraction. The good news about sugaring is that it is suitable for all skin and hair types and can be safely used around the body without issue.


Waxing and sugaring work the same; the only difference is the material used to wax. Waxing can be far more efficient than sugaring, but for the best results, no matter your skin type or hair type, you will want to see a professional. This reduces the pain associated with waxing and can also minimize the risk of ingrown hairs and other issues that come with waxing at home.


Epilating using a handheld device that tweezes hairs away. It can be done in large areas like legs but is best for small areas such as the underarms. If you have light hair, this can be a great way to stay hair-free with an at-home device, but if your hair is thick or difficult to extract, it can be particularly painful.


Shaving is a pain-free option that is often great for most, but it does have its downsides. Ingrown hairs, shaving nicks, and a short hair-free period all put shaving at the bottom of the list of hair removal techniques.

Other Hair Management Techniques to Consider

There are a variety of other ways that you can manage your hair. One such method, for example, is to bleach your hair. Bleaching does work to remove hair, but mostly it works to lighten the hair that you do have so that it is lighter. This again is a great option for those with lighter skin and darker hair, as opposed to those whose hair already blends in well with their skin tone.


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