Treks for Photography in the Uttarakhand

India is a country where there are several regions and every region has its specialities. Whenever you visit a place people click dozens of pictures because it was taken from different parts of India, such as Uttarakhand, Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh. Bright colors and picturesque scenery, including magnificent land, blue sky, beautiful rivers, ancient monasteries, exotic flora and fauna-too many to mention. The best way to satisfy your passion for photography and explore the fascinating natural beauty of the region is to hike.

Here is a list of top trekking destinations in Uttarakhand that are best for photography!

Kedarkantha Trek

One of the most famous winter treks in Uttarakhand, the Kedarkantha Trek is a treat for hikers and beginners due to its relative ease, covered in glistening snow in winter and offering breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayan peaks. unique opportunity to experience life in the most remote villages in dead winter. Kedarkantha Trek offers you the unsurpassed beauty, wonderful views of charming villages, meadows, snow trails, spectacular landscapes with beautiful lakes, mountains, sluggish rivers and the great peaks of the Himalayas. The Kedarkantha Trek also provides an amazing opportunity to click pictures of the scenic beauty and feel the experience of life in the remote villages of the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Milam Glacier Trek

Milam Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in Kumaon, from which the devout Gori Ganga River rises. If visitors want to capture breathtaking images, they should reach Munsiyari, from where the trekking actually begins. Munsiyari is located in the Pithoragarh Uttarakhand district . Arriving on the banks of the Gori Ganges, visitors stroll through dense forests of bamboo, rhododendron and chestnut trees.The fascinating view of the peaks Nanda Devi and Hardeol works like a perfect ointment for the tired soul. Milam Glacier, tourists are fascinated by seeing the amazing beauty of the place. The glacier is surrounded by around 52 peaks and proves to be an excellent photo spot for visitors. 

Valley of Flowers Trek

Perched at an altitude of about 3500 meters, the living “land The flowers “bloom during the summer month and remain snow-covered during the winter season. There are thousands of different types of flowers. And it seems that nature laid the carpet of colorful flowers on the earth. The Valley of Flowers covers an area of ​​87.50 square kilometers and is one of the places to click. And appreciate incredible pictures. Its popularity can be measure by the fact that it was include on the World Heritage List. Close to the valley is a popular wildlife park known as the ‘Valle de las Flores National Park’ that protects the exotic flora. The park can after a short and easy hike of approx. Green landscapes and breathtaking snow-capped peaks.

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Darma Valley Trek

It is one of the best and easiest hikes for trekking and clicking wonderful pictures. The valley provides a fascinating location for photography with lush forests, blue streams, and cascading waterfalls. , Meadows and colorful flowers. Visiting this hike between the months of November and April would surely increase the chances of seeing different types of wildlife such as: The redstart, the Himalayan ptarmigan, the red panda etc. The hike provides a perfect backdrop for photography lovers in the form of seasonal glaciers, lush coniferous forests, green fields and peaceful villages. 

Auden Col Trek

This hike is at an altitude of 5450 meters (approx.); and is consider a very challenging hike to get after completing the hike; and is very worthwhile as they can see the fascinating creations of Mother Nature. The hike connects two ridges (Gangotri III and Jogin I) and two glaciers (Khatling and Jogin I). Through meadows and pine and birch forests. The magnificent view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas makes hiking worthwhile and difficult.

Lamkhaga pass Trek

Around 17,000 feet high, this is one of the high altitude in Himalayas. This pass connects Sangla in Himachal Pradesh with Harsil in Uttarakhand. The Lamkhaga Pass Trek is one of the most difficult treks in the remote regions of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The trek allows you to explore the remote areas of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand like never earlier. As you pass by the flower bed. You will notice other side so admiring you never knew it existed! Whenever you are hiking in Himachal Pradesh you always wonder if the places are real. It’s so picturesque and wonderful that you won’t want to go back.


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