Types of Weed Pipe for Smoking Marijuana

Different types of marijuana pipes exist for smokers to smoke weed. You can easily find the weed pipes you prefer to smoke weed in Canada in an online headshop. Moreover, shopping from an online smoke shop is a pleasant and convenient experience for many smokers. In this post, we shall discuss the types of pipes you can utilize to smoke marijuana. Before we proceed with our list of marijuana pipes, let us dive into some history about marijuana pipes.

The History of Marijuana Pipes:-

Pipes have been existing since the time humans learned the ways to control fire. The pipes existed at the time of ancient Egypt that dates back to 2000 BC. However, archaeologists failed to discover the reason for the existence of those pipes. American Indians have been using ceremonial pipes throughout history for covenants and treaties. However, India has been using pipes throughout history to smoke marijuana, hemp, and hashish. You can find through research that Africans have been using pipes to smoke cannabis, too. In the past, most pipes have wood, clay, stone, reeds, bamboo, and other natural materials as their formation source. Even today, you will find such pipes. But today, you will also find marijuana pipes of glass and metal.

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Types of Marijuana Pipes You can Utilize for Smoking:-

Here are the types of marijuana pipes you may utilize for smoking weed:

One-Hitter: One-hitter is a cylindrical tube that can hold cannabis, herbs, and tobacco on its one end. One-hitters can hold enough weed for a puff or a hit. You will find one-hitters with stone, clay, glass, wood, metal, and bamboos as their material source. You can conveniently carry one-hitters in your pocket and take a hit while stepping aside somewhere. It is also the core advantage of one-hitters, plus you can buy one-hitters as a single item or multiple packs.

Chillum: It is a tubular pipe with clay, bamboo usually as its materials, besides other materials. Chillum is a part of Indian culture and different parts of the world. The most popular Chillum pipes you may found online utilize have glass as their main material. Chillum pipes range from simple to large.

Glass Blunts: Glass blunts have a glass cylinder open at one end and a mouthpiece attached to the other. You can carry glass blunts in your pocket, just like you carry one-hitters. Glass blunt as a weed pipe is impeccable to smoke cannabis in the morning. You may also utilize glass blunts for small parties and get-togethers.

Spoon Pipes: Spoon pipes resemble the shape of a spoon; hence, they receive their name for the same reason. Generally, you will find glass spoon pipes, and you can easily find them in Canadian smoke shops. Spoons pipes are abundant; thus, you can easily find the spoon pipe you desire and smoke marijuana. They do not break easily, do well for smokers to smoke weed, and are easy to conceal. Glass spoon pipes are easy to clean if you soak them in alcohol or a better solvent than alcohol.

Sherlock-Style Pipes: These pipes follow a traditional pipe style, having a U shape from their mouthpiece to a bowl. In the past, Sherlock-style pipes were famous for smoking tobacco; however, they have become popular today for cannabis smoking, as well.

Bubbler Pipes: Bubblers are very popular among marijuana users in Canada. You will find glass bubbler pipes in online headshops in Canada. Bubblers can hold water with their mouthpiece for smoking weed and bowl on the other side. Bubblers come in various sizes and designs. Nevertheless, small bubblers are what smokers prefer to smoke flowers and cannabis concentrates.

These are the most popular pipes smokers use to smoke cannabis. Each marijuana pipe comes with merits and demerits. Thus, smokers can select their marijuana pipes to smoke weed based on their preferences. You can enjoy smoking weed through marijuana pipes if you know the right way to use them. When you invest in marijuana pipes online, thoroughly read their description and price. It will aid you in buying the right pipe for smoking marijuana.


Pipes have been around us since 2000 BC. However, why pipes existed at the time of ancient Egyptian is yet unknown. Particularly, Indians are the ones who have been using pipes throughout history for smoking weed. Pipes had different materials as their formation base in the past. In the modern era, glass pipes and metal pipes are an innovation. The following six types of weed pipe are popular among smokers to smoke weed:

  1. One-hitters provide smokers with the one-hit; hence, they earned their name.
  2. Chillum pipes are simple to large.
  3. Glass blunts are usually the choice for small parties and get-togethers.
  4. Spoon pipes come with many advantages; hence, they are very popular in Canada.
  5. Sherlock-style pipes are also gaining the reputation as cannabis pipes, besides tobacco pipes.
  6. Lastly, bubblers are a definite choice for many smokers to smoke cannabis.

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