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Vastu Shastra: Tips for Your Bedroom for A Blissful Married Life

Everyone wishes to have a blissful married life. This is where consulting with Vastu consultants online and getting Vastu tips for your bedroom can help you ensure marital bliss. Read to find out some of the most effective Vastu tips for your bedroom. 

One cannot deny that marriage brings together two souls and binds them in an eternal bond. These two distinct individuals promise to love each other and be there for each other through highs and lows for a lifetime. Whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged marriage, every marriage means a new chapter in the couple’s life. 

An ideal marriage is filled with laughter, fun, and bliss. A couple in a perfect marriage will find that their relationship strengthens as days pass. For a happy and successful marriage, one must make many adjustments and compromises. Unfortunately, many couples are unable to experience a blissful marriage even after putting in their best efforts and hard work. This could be because of the Vastu defects in their home, especially their bedroom. A couple should seriously consider Vastu Shastra and talk to a Vastu consultant for their bedroom to make their marriage a success. 

When you connect with a Vastu consultant, they can offer you a wide range of Vastu tips for a blissful marital life. 

Let’s get to know more. 

Blissful Marriages And Vastu Shastra 

Marriages might be made in heaven, but one cannot deny that they need to be nurtured, worked at, and sustained on Earth by the people involved in it. To ensure bliss in your marital life, you must adhere to Vastu guidelines in the bedroom. Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of building, designing, and architecture, which has guidelines for every space to enhance prosperity, positivity, and happiness. In Indian families, people follow the tenets of Vastu Shastra to rid their homes of negative energy. This is why every space in your house should be planned and designed as per the Vastu guidelines. 

The Vastu of a couple’s bedroom plays a notable role in making a marriage happier. On the other hand, a defect in your house, especially the bedroom, can be a significant reason behind an unsuccessful and unhappy marriage. This is why Vastu Shastra can become your savior. Every place or room in your house should be as per Vastu guidelines so that it ushers positivity and happiness in your life. The bedroom direction, colors, positioning of the objects in the room, etc., directly affect your marital bond. Following the right Vastu advice will ensure that the cosmic energies are in harmony with each other in your living space.  

To have a harmonious and happy married life, you should know the right Vastu tips for your bedroom. To get proper Vastu Shastra guidelines, the best thing to do is connect with a Vastu consultant. If you are wondering, “where can I find a Vastu expert near me?” You’ve got nothing to worry about, as with technology ruling our lives, you can connect with a Vastu consultant online on many reliable platforms and get Vastu tips for home

Vastu Tips for Your Bedroom That You Should Follow

Vastu Shastra can offer you tips that guarantee a blissful marriage with more love and fewer quarrels.

  • Tip 1- According to Vastu Shastra, a couple’s bedroom must be situated in the Southwest direction. This direction is considered ideal because it fosters love, intimacy, and romance and ensures better bonding, love, and understanding between the couple. This is the direction where love prevails, helping you strengthen your bond. Avoid occupying or constructing a room in the Northeast direction. 
  • Tip 2- Vastu consultants suggest that in the bedroom, the bed should be in such a position that when the married couple sleeps, their head should be pointing in the South direction. This increases the free flow of positive energy and ensures the couple gets a good sleep.
  • Tip 3- When it comes to deciding the vibe of your bedroom, colors are essential. It also plays a massive role in igniting romance in the bedroom. You must go for colors that are passionate and warm. You should opt for colors like light blue, light green, purple, pink, orange, and yellow in your bedroom. Light green and light pink are pleasant colors that can bring the partners closer and reduce stress. Opting for different shades of pink or red is also a good choice as they are associated with romance; hence, they are a good pick for a couple’s bedroom. However, you must not use the red color in excess in the bedroom as it can lead to fights or quarrels between the couple. You must also steer clear of painting the walls black. Colors like brown and gray should also be avoided as they tend to make a room look duller. You shouldn’t use these colors in your bedsheets, wallpapers, pillow covers, or curtains.
  • Tip 4- A married couple should be careful about the placement of the mirror. Mirrors attract negativity in your life and lead to fights, quarrels, and discomfort in your marital relationship. It’s best to keep the mirrors away from the bedroom. However, if mirrors are in the bedroom, they should be kept far away from the bed and covered with a cloth at night. A mirror should not be placed in front of the bed as it can be bad for your health. 
  • Tip 5- Couples, especially newlyweds, should make sure that the furniture in the bedroom is made of wood, most notably the bed. As per Vastu Shastra, wood ensures warmer energy. On the other hand, metals emit cold energy. This is why you should abandon the usage of glass and metal furniture; instead, choose a wooden bed for you and your partner. Wooden beds add warmth and coziness to your bedroom. Also, avoid glass fittings on the bed, as glass acts as a mirror and can cause negativity.
  • Tip 6- Vastu consultants also advise sleeping on a single mattress for the couple’s bed as it instills positivity, love, and harmony in the marital life. It also enhances bonding and ensures better compatibility between the partners. 

Summing Up 

These were only some of the Vastu tips for your bedroom that you can follow. To attain a blissful married life, all you need to do is make some direction changes, placement changes, and alter some habits, as per Vastu Shastra, and a Vastu consultant can help you with this. Once you connect with a Vastu consultant online, they can offer you personalized Vastu tips for home or office, depending on your problems. Following the correct Vastu advice can add joy and harmony to your married life and strengthen your bond with your life partner. 

So, consult with a Vastu consultant in India today and get the best tips! 


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