What Are Some Tips for Beginner Horseback Riders?

Are you a beginner horseback riders? Here are some useful tips that help you deal with the horseback riding issues that you may encounter. 

Beginner horseback riders feel overwhelmed during horseback riding in Orange County. The common reason behind this is, beginner riders feel it challenging to handle such a big animal. Moreover, they don’t know how to make them calm and prepare themselves for horseback riding. 

If you want to ride on horseback like a professional, you need to follow a few tips mentioned below. The tips will help to improve you and make you an experienced horseback riders. 

Try to Greet the Horse 

Don’t think that horse is like a riding vehicle to whom you can control easily. Horses are living creatures, and they, too, can sense the feelings. Like you, they may feel insecure, scared, and nervous to have someone around them who will sit on their back. 

Thus, it is essential to make them feel safe and secure in your presence. Try to greet them and introduce yourself to them. You can extend the arm and offer them a hand so that they can smell you. Then, wait for a while and let them smell you. 

You can also offer them backrub to make them calm. These simple actions help to take permission to mount them and ride on their back. 

Mount On Them Safely 

The horse seems uneasy and nervous when someone mounts on them. If you decide to go horseback riding in Orange County, you’ll notice that usually the horse is mounted from the left side. To mount with confidence and safely, hold their head so that they do not harm you. 

If you aren’t confident enough, then ask someone to hold the horse’s face. Now, you can hold the reins in your left hand and properly in an upward direction with your right leg. But, again, make sure to go as smoothly and slowly as possible. Don’t try to push the horse in a downward direction; this may hurt them. 

Wear Proper Horseback Riding Dress and Equipment 

It is obvious that you can’t go to the office in your nightwear or casual clothes. Likewise, you cannot go horseback riding without a horse riding dress. But, again, this is not for your style statement, but for your safety too. 

Long pants, shirts, and proper footwear are necessary for horse-riding. Prefer to wear low-heeled boots, which prevent you from slipping issues through the stirrups. Avoid wearing skirts, jeans and scarves, and other fashionable accessories during horse riding because it may get tangled with the saddle, reins, and even bushes. 

Don’t ride over the horse without a helmet. This is for your safety purpose. Chances are there; you may slip and fall off from the horse. This may harm you, so it’s better to wear safety gear when riding on horseback. 

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Work on the Body Balance 

Balance is the ultimate secret of becoming a professional horseback riders. As a horseback riders, you need to create a balance on the horse so that you don’t get dependent on the saddle, stirrups, and reins. So, always try to create the balance to ride on the horseback freely without this equipment. 

You may feel bouncing whenever you start horseback riding. But as soon as you create the body balance, you may get comfortable on the horse, and protective gear doesn’t bother you anymore. 

Sit Straight and Don’t Slouch. 

Maybe you are going for the first time or multiple times. You need to keep in mind as a beginner horseback riders to always sit straight on the horse. Never sit in a bent position, and don’t slouch. A straight and relaxed position will help you to keep yourself relaxed and hold the horse easily. Moreover, this will also help in creating the perfect balance to handle the horse and ride smoothly. 

In contrast, always secure the reins with one hand only. This will help to lift them easily and avoid muscle fatigue too. 

Over to You 

Beginner riders may feel nervous and scared when they are going for the first time for horseback riding in Orange County. However, these tips will help you to be a professional horseback riders and help create a perfect balance with your horse. 

Always be gentle with the horse and handle them with care. During the initial days of horseback riding, you can only go for a walk with the horse because it is magnificent to tune up with your horse.


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