As a premium transcriptservice provider, we come across thousands of students asking us to process their DU transcript, GTU transcript, IGNOU transcript, WES, MoI certificate, etc. While many of these students have already decided on which course to pursue in which college and which country, some students only know they have to go abroad for their higher studies and they don’t have any idea of their plans. They seek consultation on which specialization would be best and which career stream they should go for. And this is not a matter of surprise. More than 80% of the students are studying just for the sake of it without having any clear career goal.

In a small survey done among students between class 9th and 12th, it was asked which career option they want to go for? As expected, the top answers were engineer, doctor, IAS officer, CA, business, CEO, etc. The students didn’t even know CEO is not a career option, it is a title. There are more than 1000 career options and the students don’t know even a fraction of them. Whom to blame? Well, the education system has been such that we cannot blame anyone. But recently we can see many start-ups and career counsellors are making effort to impart knowledge about various career options to young students. And they are doing a great part in helping students to choose the right career path.

Most career counsellors follow a standard procedure to find the right career path for students. They rely on psychometric or career assessment test that helps to determine which career option will be suitable for the student. The career assessment test assesses various traits of a student. They help to determine a student’s personality, aptitude, cognitive skills, learning pattern, strong intelligence points, interests, etc. Then these traits are matched with specific career options requiring these skills and a suitable career path is selected. Many companies offer various kinds of career assessment tests having varied price tags. Depending upon the provider, a career assessment test can cost from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10000. If you are confused about which career to go for, you can seek help from any career counsellors you can find by Googling them. But there is an easy way to decide your career too which I shall reveal in the following sections.

We recommend a student should decide his career path at the earliest. The ideal time to decide the career is between classes 9th to 12th because then there is a chance that they select the right course and stick with it. A student who is already looking for transcript service or a student looking to fetch their DU transcript, GTU transcript, etc. for their foreign studies means he has already done graduation and there is less chance for him to change the stream. For a graduate, the career path is already narrowed down and he needs to decide which specialization would be best for him. And for school students let’s see how they can find the right one for them.

The first thing that you need to find out about yourself is what your interests are and what your personality is. Several free personalities, MBTI tests are available over the internet. These tests are hardly of 15-30 minutes. Try to appear as much as you can. Out of several reports you get, you can easily find out what are the common personality traits for you in each of those reports. Once you find your interest and personality, search for matching jobs related to those traits. Few reports could even suggest which jobs would be best for you like business analyst, actuary, automobile engineer, etc. So make a list of 10-15 jobs that you find interest in. Now, log in to job search websites (it’s easy to make an account on those sites) and search for the jobs you made a list of. Then you can easily find out what are the job responsibilities, what are the skills required, what are the education required for a particular job, etc. And out of those 15 jobs you shortlisted, finalize 4-5 final career options. Easy? Do let us know what you think about it.


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