What is the hot dip method of printing Z Fold Cards?

Z fold cards are basically a small credit card-sized booklet that is used for various marketing and advertising purposes. They are printed on heavy, card stock paper with a thickness of around 0.7 mm, which enables them to be folded in half and kept flat when not in use. There are three main printing methods that are used in the making of a z fold card: hot dip, laser, and conventional printing; the hot dip method is the most popular.

What is Hot Dip Method? 

The hot dip method of printing involves spraying the ink onto the card stock using a heat gun. The ink passes through tiny holes which have been specially drilled into the cards’ surface. Once the ink has been deposited on the card, it instantly begins to evaporate into the plastic medium. This results in a coloured image that is highly visible and highly detailed.

To give the cards their dimensional effect, the hot dip method of printing also folds the card edges in half. Gate fold leaflet printing, on the other hand, uses thin sheets of paper which are printed in gate folding styles, which are printed across the top of the card.

Z fold cards thin sheets are then cut into horizontal or vertical stripes. A die head is usually attached to the edge of the card so that the image will be positioned correctly when the cards are folded once again. Because many business people are familiar with the traditional fold of the traditional credit cards, this is usually the method adopted by most companies that prefer working with VC Print to create these new types of cards.

What are the benefits of hot dip printing?

  • Customizable: The hot dip printing technique allows for a much greater degree of customization. The method allows you a number of creative ways in which the images can be positioned on the card. You can choose to display the image on the top half, the bottom half, or somewhere in between, depending on the way you wish to present your product or service.
  • No Lamination Requires: Another creative and convenient aspect of these new cards is that they do not have to be laminated. Earlier, promotional products such as business cards, brochures, and flyers had to be laminated so that they would remain sturdy and durable during shipping. However, because these items are more aesthetic in nature than informational in nature, many companies have decided to eliminate the need for lamination. With this decision, the image of your company is not blocked from view, which is very important in promotional materials.
  • Cost Effective: Another positive aspect of these newer cards is that they are extremely cost effective. Since the actual creation process only requires the production of two (2) sheets of materials, the total cost of producing a promotional item is much less than it would cost to produce the same quantity of laminated cards, which contain a considerable amount of material.

This allows you to pass the savings onto the customer. Many businesses who use these products in conjunction with their printed marketing materials find that the benefits of using hot dip sheets far outweigh the additional costs. It is believed that in the long run, the savings will pay for themselves due to lower operating expenses.

  • Low Distribution Cost: Another benefit to using these cards is the relatively low cost associated with distribution. Because the cards do not need to be laminated or hot dipped, the cost associated with printing and distributing the cards is much lower than it would be for the same items using lamination or hot dip sheets.

Low distribution cost allows the cost to be spread out amongst a larger base of customers. The end result of using these items to promote your business is the ability to attract new customers as well as retain the current ones without a significant loss in overall profit.

Final Verdict:

The hot dip method of printing z fold cards and gate fold leaflets is gaining popularity for it is economical, has low distribution cost, and provides greater room for creativity. VC Print is an online printing services provider that can help you draft unique content and design for your next marketing campaign.


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