When most people think of art for their walls, they think of prints, paintings, and photographs. But there’s so much more that can be framed, and the best part is that you don’t even have to worry about knowing how to frame or move them. You can contact mobile framing experts to eliminate the inconveniences of framing and transporting them into or out of the house or the car. But what kinds of things can you frame?


Maps are more than simply useful pieces of paper. They are also a captivating focal point due to their brilliant colour and visual texture. Choose maps of significant locations in your life, such as your hometown or the location where you met your spouse, and consider them as truly personal artwork.

Covers magazines and advertisements

Magazine pages are frequently filled with bright imagery that can add style to your walls. Whether you’re looking through an old issue or maybe something fresh from the mailbox, search for colours and subjects you like—and don’t overlook remarkable full-page advertising or timeless covers! Have a frame to go with it, and you’ve got art.


Fine tapestries adorned the walls of castles, but they would also look fantastic in your own home. Buy a tapestry or a fabric remnant that you adore. Choose a large enough frame to hold the fabric and command the wall.


For a basic piece of art, a frame with collected natural objects such as shells, wood, and stones. Glue or epoxy them to a decorated board, then slide them into frames or larger shadowboxes. If you use vacation stuff, you can remember the memories you made fondly each time you pass by.

Book covers

People’s minds and hearts are moved by literature. Frame the front pages of your favourite books and display them in your living room, office, playroom, or bedroom long beyond storytime.


Add a few dried flowers to a frame to make an eternal wall arrangement. You can dry some flowers from your yard if you have a nice garden and the benefit of time, or you can use a store-bought dried bouquet.

Handwritten items

Handwritten items are extremely personal and one-of-a-kind. Historical postcards or letters can even have an old-fashioned, weathered appearance and a lot of charm! Recipes, messages from your children, greeting cards, etc. — anything that has a personal touch is worthy of framing. Framing objects such as a postcard from a loved one’s travels or old letters from decades ago offers a poignant and aesthetically appealing display.

Textiles, clothing, and fabrics

Clothing, when done correctly, looks fantastic when framed. Maybe you have a jersey autographed by your favourite athlete or a shirt from an unforgettable concert. Display these goods with pride in a personalised frame! Furthermore, jersey displays make fantastic decor for a basement or rec room. They bring personality, enthusiasm, and brilliant colour to any vacant space.

Tickets to a concert

Perhaps it was your first concert or the first one you attended alongside your significant other. What better way to keep your memories alive than to display them on your wall? Whether it’s a couple of tickets or a collection of several, the memories are precious.

You may already have mementos in your house, but you may have struggled to frame them appropriately. Perhaps you’re looking for the ideal present for someone who appears to have everything. You don’t even have to take too much trouble; just get them framed with mobile framing. You may get your mementos professionally framed at the convenience of your doorstep!


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