Which Is Best Action Camera to Choose in 2021?

action camera

Today we’ll talk about the most pressing issue, for everyone who starts shooting video – which action camera to choose in 2021? Moreover, this question may arise among people who already have experience with such devices, and even among experienced bloggers.

Today, I want to talk about the choice, and I will try to tell you about all the current models of action cameras for 2021, their features, capabilities. In this article, you will find out:

  • Which camera to choose in 2021?
  • Current models of action cameras 2021.
  • Which camera shouldn’t you buy in 2021?

I’ll say right away: I’m not going to make a top, but I’ll just tell you about the current models, which you definitely need to pay attention to. If the film camera is not in this article, then there is no point in paying attention to it, since they will clearly be inferior to the models of those that I will write about. It makes no sense to talk about all the cameras in general. And yes, we are talking only about new cameras, and we do not take into account the used market.

I decided to make the classification according to the budget, and for your convenience, below there will be “hotkeys” that will allow you to quickly switch according to the article.

The action camera allows you to shoot dynamic videos in any situation. The advantages of such devices are difficult to overestimate, as they are suitable for action videos, and even for shooting personal blogs. And if you are wondering which action camera to buy in 2021, then this article will help you figure out which are the current cameras in 2021, which can rightfully be considered the best, and which are suitable for novice bloggers.


Action camera  SJCAM SJ4000 

Entry-level action cameras are mainly designed to introduce you to this type of device. This is the very basis that will help you understand how interesting you are, and whether you want to shoot your own videos. Looking at the very bottom of the market, you might think that it is difficult to choose a decent device, since it is generally believed that these cameras have not the best picture quality, and rather mediocre sound. But still, even here there are excellent devices.

Buying SJCAM SJ4000 with Action camera body mount will be a great start if you’ve never held an action camera in your hands in your life, and still don’t really understand very well whether you need it at all. And now we are not talking about a device for an amazing blog. This camera, in its essence, is a utilitarian solution – because for its price we get everything we can, and even a little more.

The video quality of the camera is sufficient, for its class – 1080 at 60 frames. In fact, this model is in no way inferior to the GoPro Hero 4 Black. And a wide-angle lens will not create “soap” around the edges of the frame, as in other cameras in this class.

Main characteristics:

action camera
  • Sensor : Aptina AR0330 made in the USA.
  • Video quality : Full HD 1080 @ 60 frames.
  • Photo quality : 12 MP (4032 x 3024).
  • Exposure : 1/10000 – 1/33 sec.
  • Aperture : f / 2.8.
  • Viewing angle : 170 °.
  • Display : 2 “LTPS 320 x 240 px.
  • Processor : Novatek 96650.
  • Battery : 900 mAh (up to 100 minutes of video).
  • Support for memory cards : up to 64GB.
  • Connectors : micro-USB.

The next plus of this camera is the package bundle, which really pleases. After you have decided to buy an SJCAM SJ-4000 action camera, you can open the box to see a set of essential accessories, which are already enough for 80% of types of shooting. The presence of a protective box will be a pleasant bonus for those who like to relax by the water, or fishermen. Read about : Disposable Camera

Of the accessories, on my own behalf, I can recommend buying in addition only a high-speed memory card, for example this one. You might also consider purchasing a head or chest mount.

Action camera SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi 2K

As for the second version of this camera – SJ4000 Wi-Fi, in terms of characteristics and capabilities, it is absolutely the same as the usual one. The only difference is the presence of a Wi-Fi module (actually from the name, I think this is understandable). Buying an action camera with Wi-Fi will definitely be a plus, thanks to which you can easily view the footage on your smartphone or tablet, and, if necessary, download it.

The camera controls are presented in the form of four buttons:

  • start / stop recording, it is the selection button in the menu;
  • power and mode button;
  • menu up / down buttons.

The camera is very simple to operate. The settings menu of the camera itself is understandable and very intuitive, even a child can figure it out, which will also be a plus for a beginner.

The appearance for such devices is difficult to evaluate, so I will skip it. But what is definitely worthy of attention is a large selection of colors: from classic black to bright pink. But, here, too, the manufacturer has provided a bonus for its customers – replaceable front covers. This will not only make it possible to change the panels to suit your mood, but also replace it if it gets scratched. The dimensions of the camera are also impressive, as it is very compact – 59.2 x 41 x 29.8 mm. And the weight of the model is only 58 g.

➕ Pros:

price-quality ratio

large shooting angle

excellent equipment.

❌ Cons:

quiet sound

average quality of shooting in low light

small display. The camera has proven itself well during its time on the market, and this is already more than 4 years. No wonder it is still relevant for so long. Therefore, I definitely recommend it if you are on a budget.

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