Why is an Email Signature so Important for your Brand?

In your cold email, you have to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the recipients. However, doing so is difficult at the end of the email. One way of making that possible is by using an email signature. It will make you grab the attention of prospects.

So what is an email signature?

An email signature is essentially a virtual digital business card you embed in the email you send. It helps you connect with people on a personal level. A strong email sign looks professional but is not too drab at the same time.

Here’s what an email signature should contain 

  • Your full name with your surname 
  • Name of your company to help recipients know where you are working
  • Your position in the company 
  • Your contact details (phone number)
  • Company website’s link to get more traffic to your website
  • Links to social media profiles 
  • A disclaimer to cover regulatory legal requirements. 

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Top reasons why an email signature is important

  1. Gives professional look

When you have a well-designed and crisp email sign for all the correspondences you have with prospects or other parties, it makes you look professional. In addition to that, your business looks well established. 

  • Brings traffic to your website 

By adding an email signature to your emails, you can get free traffic to your company’s website. It works well for startups and small businesses as they don’t have to pay to generate traffic. 

Consider this, a recipient may not have interest in your product or service, but they may want to know more about your company. When the link to your company’s website is right in front of them, it gets easier. The recipient doesn’t have to search for the company on a search engine. This situation benefits both you and the sender as you get traffic to your website, and the recipient can gather additional information about your firm. 

Try sending emails more often so that you get more traffic.

  • Gets more followers on social media

When you add social media links to your email signature, recipients are likely to click them. It can bring you new followers who will engage with the content you post later on social media, such as blog links. It may get them interested in your product or service. In a way, it can help you get more potential customers. 

  • Builds trust

You can add the latest achievements of your company in the email signature. It can be an award or a user rating. These are essentially forms of social proof that make you seem trustworthy in the eyes of the recipient. As a result, they will be interested in your offerings, which would help convert leads to customers. 

What to keep in mind when creating an email signature?

You have to keep a few essential things in your mind while creating an email signature. Take a look at them,

  1. Keep your email signature only 3-4 lines long

Most often, you should keep your email sign as concise as you can.

You can include your name, job position, company name (With the link to the company’s website), and phone number. To personalize it, you can add links to social media profiles, especially LinkedIn sites. You can add links to a blog post that you want the reader to take a look at.  

  • Avoid adding your email address to your signature.

Adding your email address to your signature results is unnecessary as it is already there in the email next to the sender’s name. Mentioning it again in the signature is like intriguing yourself again, which is not required. Also, the recipient can always get in touch with you by hitting reply. You can save space in the email sign and add social media profiles instead. 

  • Add an image to your email signature.

Images are way better than texts in conveying a message. People tend to grasp better with visuals and remember things for a more extended period. Using your photo in your email signature will make people remember you and help you shine in the crowd. Make sure that it is a coloured photo for better results. 

  • Add a CTA

Adding a CTA or call-to-action to your email sign will make the recipient take an action you want them to take. It can be anything from scheduling a meeting to attending a conference. You can also encourage readers to visit your latest blog. 

  • Optimize the signature for mobile

Your email sign has to look good on all devices. Just because a user reads your email on their tab or smartphone, the email signature should not look cut-off or disproportionate. Try to give priority to optimizing your email sign for mobile devices. 

Try using an email signature generator

You can always get your email sign created with the help of an email generator. However, you have to make sure that you pick the best tool. If you are wondering what makes a good email signature generator, here is a list of features that it must offer,

  1. Provide high-level security

When you provide your sensitive personal information to the tool, you must make sure it is safe. You must know how the tool stores your data. It should have fully secure storage systems to have no chance of theft.

  • Create a signature that works on desktops and mobile devices

Since mobile devices are heavily used by people these days, you have to use a tool that creates an email sign that is mobile-friendly. 

  • Support most email clients

The tool has to support popular email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Apple Mail and iOS. It ensures that your email signature will look good when the recipient views it regardless of the email client used. 

  • Provide several templates

An efficient tool will let you choose the style of your email sign from a wide list of templates. This way, you can customize your signature as per your preferences.

SalesBlink’s Free Email Signature Generator 

Here’s a free tool that you can use to create your email signature in an instant. You only need to select your template and enter your details; the tool will help you build a customized HTML email signature.

You can add social media links to your signature so that you can connect with prospects at a personal level. There are several templates to choose from, and you are free to change the font type and colour. 

SalesBlink’s free email signature generator lets you upload your custom profile picture and the logo of your company to personalize the signature. 

Add a custom CTA so that you can encourage the reader to take the action you desire. The tool lets you change the font of the text, the colour, the URL to customize the CTA as per your taste. 

The tool works with most major email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and more. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how your email signature will look on the email clients used by recipients. 

The Final Word 

An email signature is beneficial to a salesperson in many ways. Choosing the right tool to generate one is also essential. If you have been looking for a tool to create your signature generator, you should look for the above-mentioned features in this post. You will find SalesBlink’s free tool to be super effective. It has all that you would want an email signature generator to have. 


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