Why is GIIS the Best Abu Dhabi Indian School in Al Wathba?

In the age of globalization, we can no longer consider ourselves as just citizens of a country. Rather, it is the need of the times to develop our thought processes to help us connect with diverse individuals from all over the world. From this perspective, imparting the best of education to our children involves not just knowledge of conventional academic subjects but also the knowledge that empowers them to be self-learners who know how to appreciate diversity. Therefore, choosing an international school for your children ensures that they gain access to quality education that develops their skills to engage with their global peers.

Schooling in Al Wathba

In a city like Abu Dhabi, the focus on getting global education for one’s children is already a top priority on the minds of all parents. The diversity of people coming from different nationalities is seen in Abu Dhabi’s various suburban parts such as Al Rowdah, Al Muroor, Al Wathba, etc. In such a diverse environment, the need to enrol children in international schools that prepare them to secure global opportunities becomes a crucial necessity for all parents.

This is where the Global Indian International School (GIIS) comes into the picture. In Abu Dhabi, Indian schools in Al Wathba are not hard to find. However, there are very few schools such as the GIIS that offer globally recognized curricula in a campus designed to hone the academic as well as non-academic skills of every student.

About GIIS

The Global Indian International School (GIIS), Abu Dhabi is motivated by the philosophy of ‘schools that learn’. What this essentially means is that GIIS is not only committed to providing high-quality, value-based education but is also open to re-developing its methodologies as per the inputs of every member of its community involved in the process of learning. From students and teachers to parents of the students, every member’s actions play a deep role in strengthening GIIS’s learning strategies.

Listed below are a few reasons that make GIIS, Abu Dhabi stand out from the rest in being the apt choice of schooling for each and every child.

1. Curricula offered

The GIIS Abu Dhabi campus in Al Wathba puts a strong emphasis on ensuring the all-around development of every student. Through its Global Montessori Plus (GMP) program for students from nursery to KG2 level and its robust CBSE program for students from Grades 1 through 12, GIIS ensures holistic development for all children so that they can thrive in the diverse environment of the 21st century.

2. Expert Teachers

Any educational institute is only as good as its teachers who lead from the front in understanding the unique needs of every child and then imparting knowledge using the right tools and strategies. The teachers at GIIS are well-trained professionals with years of experience, this makes them adapt at engaging with students in a free, non-judgemental manner.

3. 9GEMS (TM) Educational Framework

The ‘9GEMS’ model is an adaptive approach developed by the GIIS that puts equal focus on ensuring academic excellence as well teaching students the skills and values they need from the perspective of holistic personality development.

4. Student Life

A number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are always being undertaken by the GIIS’s Abu Dhabi branch in Al Wathba. These activities along with regular parent-teacher interactions ensure that students are always experiencing an engaging learning environment that improves their overall growth at a much-accelerated pace.

5. School Fees

Providing world-class education to every student is one of the biggest goals that GIIS Abu Dhabi aims to achieve in Al Wathba. In accordance with this endeavour, GIIS offers a moderately priced and easy-to-follow fee structure ranging from AED 10,600 to AED 12,550 from KG level to Grade 12 level respectively. Check more details online about Abu Dhabi Indian School Fees.

6. Global Opportunities

The Global Indian International School’s Al Wathba campus in Abu Dhabi is a place where students from different nationalities come to study. Such a diverse learning environment helps them to soak in different cultures and enables them to visualise global opportunities as well.

7. Sound Infrastructure

Located in Al Wathba’s school zone area, GIIS Abu Dhabi has the best world-class facilities in the form of a library, music studio, auditorium, football ground, etc. Its convenient location also favours seamless connectivity for students coming from all parts of Abu Dhabi.


In a world where countries are growing beyond their geographical boundaries, even the methods of education need to be such that they bring an understanding of the global scenario to the table. With its state-of-the-art facilities backed by skilled teachers and a holistic approach to learning, the GIIS Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba campus offers everything that concerned parents are looking for to educate their children with a focus on global education. Hence, it is only fair to say that GIIS Abu Dhabi is the place where students of today are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow.


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