Yoga is a personal, spiritual practice that has the power to change the way one lives and interacts with the world. The practice has grown in popularity and spread worldwide. As such, in the past 200 years, yoga has been accepted into different nations’ schools, universities, and colleges.

Yoga has been taught in schools in Australia since the 1990s, and there are more than 2,500 yoga studios in Australia, with Sydney accounting for hundreds of them. The yoga culture, with its ancient roots, is a large part of Sydney’s multi-cultural and multiracial community. As such, yoga teacher training in Sydney is among the top courses chosen by students.

Someone new to yoga might be amazed by knowing the intricate details of yoga and its benefits. A newbie will also wonder what is exactly taught in yoga training sessions. So here are the topics taught in a yoga training session:

The Contemporary Approach to Yoga

Contemporary approaches to yoga are more and less than the sum of the traditions that existed in ancient times. There is no dogma about what yoga is or how it should be practised. Yoga is simply a disciplined practice that involves meditation to achieve relaxation.

It is a universally accepted secular science, and it is not connected to religion or religious scriptures. Thus, a yoga training course clarifies that yoga is a healing process of mind, body, and soul and can be practised by anyone.

Impact of Yoga on Modern Society

Yoga training sessions help one to reason out the need for yoga. However, the need for yoga is known in the fast-paced world that celebrates material achievement and not inner peace. The meaningless search for material benefits has accumulated tension, stress, and an increasing rate of mental illness.

The practice of yoga has been reported as having many benefits that include improving health, stress management, and mental and physical well-being, particularly among women. As such, more than 300 yoga studios are registered in Sydney to teach yoga as a practice of self-nurturing, self-realisation, and self-mastery.

Karma Sadhana and Other Types of Yoga

Karma sadhana is a process of developing immunity to anything that is not in line with the Divine. It avoids negativity completely, and it helps deal with every form of desire, ambition, and ego. It helps one understand the mind’s power and sets oneself free from attachment to the world. Also, it helps in enhancing the spiritual nature of a human.

Meanwhile, Vinyasa flow sections are very specific, and it is a part of the sun salutation. It’s a flow to the heart, which is unique to yoga, and the flow starts with the feet, and the heart is the centre of awareness. Meanwhile, Hatha Yoga is a unique practice where the mind is not distracted by thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

In hatha yoga, one focuses on the body, and the body is the centre of awareness. In the meantime, Ashtanga yoga encourages the flow of energy, and this is considered the true nature of God, while it focuses on one’s breathing and the mind.

Business of Teaching

Under the business of teaching, yoga teacher training in Sydney teaches how to set up a successful yoga teaching business, how to set up classes, teaching methodologies that differ for children, seniors, pregnant ladies, and others, principles of demonstrations and lesson plans, class instruction of asanas, meditation, pranayama and a lot more. Thus, yoga teacher training does not stop with yoga but teaches you how to turn it into a successful business.

To sum up, yoga is becoming very popular year after year in Australia. For instance, the number of yoga studios/institutions has increased by over 50% since 2005. As such, the yoga scene in Sydney is rapidly growing and emerging as a new trend. Thus, grabbing the opportunity and learning a lifestyle skill can land you in a high-reaping career.


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